Parc del Fòrum is an open space to the public for free activity, walking and playing sports, among other activities you can do there. Parc del Fòrum also hosts events, fairs, acts and festivals. Check out the frequently asked questions depending on the reason for your visit: FAQ when the Park is open and FAQ during events. 

  • Parc del Fòrum
    FAQ Park Open
    What are the opening and closing times of the Park?

    The Park’s opening hours are from 7am to 10pm.

    Does the Fòrum Park open every day of the year?

    The Park is open every day of the year. However, during the holding of some events there may be areas with restricted access. You can check availability on specific days here.

    Is admission to the venue free?

    Yes, admission is free and open access. However, during the holding of some events, there may be areas with restricted access.

    How can I get there by public transport?

    Check the section how to get there.

    Where can I check all the activities you do in the Park?

    You can see this in the sections Agenda and Activities.

    What is the telephone number of your offices?

    Our customer service telephone number is 93 356 0612. You can also contact us through the contact form

    Do you have lockers in the Park?

    No lockers are available.

    Can I access the venue while events are being held?

    During the holding of some events there may be areas with restricted access; you need to follow the exceptional signage you will find in the Park. You can check the availability of access on specific days here.

    Can dogs enter the park?

    Yes, as long as they are on a lead.

    Is the bathing area free?

    Yes, it is free.

    Are there any restaurants in the Fòrum Park?

    The Park has two restaurants: The Terrace Bus and the Fòrum Station bus.

    Can I cycle inside the Fòrum?

    Yes, you are allowed to enter with and cycle on your bike.

    Is there any area for parking bicycles?

    Yes, it is located next to the Photovoltaic Panel.

    Do you have activities for kids?

    As well as the playground, located in the Fòrum Square, Barcelona’s Urban Forest offers adventure circuits, high altitude jumping and zip lines for all ages.

    Is the venue lit up at night?

    Yes, it is lit up.

    Is there any Bicing area in the Park?

    The Bicing Station is located at the main entrance to the Park, in Leonardo da Vinci Square

    Is it possible to access the site by private vehicle?

    No, vehicles are not allowed in the Park.

    Where is the nearest car park?

    The nearest car park is on pl. d’Ernest Lluch, in the carrer d’Eduard Maristany, 4 and you have to pay.

    If I want to organise an event, who should I speak to?

    You can contact us through our website in the section Contact

    Hi ha lavabos?

    No. El Parc del Fòrum no disposa de servei de lavabos.

  • Events
    Events FAQS

    Q: How can I buy tickets?

    Check out the Timetable section on our website. For each event you will find information on what the official ticketing systems are to buy tickets. Never buy tickets through unofficial channels; we cannot guarantee that they are authentic.

    Q: Is it possible to buy tickets at the box office?

    Check out the Timetable section on our website. At each event you will find information on the possibility of buying tickets at the box office and times. That is, as long as they are available. We recommend you buy tickets in advance through the official channels.

    Q: If I’ve already bought tickets and I can’t come, can I get my money back?

    You need to contact the sales channel through which you purchased the tickets.


    If you want to share that you are going to a concert, don’t do it by putting the ticket online and if you upload it, avoid showing the bar code, QR code, etc. If you do, you are exposing your ticket to potential counterfeiters.

    On the day of the concert, if your ticket is on your mobile, make sure the screen is clean and you have enough charge/connectivity.


    The most important thing is your safety, so we encourage you to read the following advice.

    – Locate the emergency exits (they are clearly identified throughout the premises).

    – Keep calm and pay attention to the instructions of the staff of the site.

    – Don’t shout, run or push others, as you could cause dangerous situations given the large number of people gathered at the venue.

    – In the event of an evacuation, head for the nearest exit as indicated by the signs without stopping. Under no circumstances should you turn back.

    – If you go with someone else or in a group, agree on somewhere outside the area where people gather, where you can you can meet if you get separated or lost.

    – If you notice any strange or suspicious behaviour, report it to a member of the security team.

    – Take care of your personal belongings, especially your mobile phone, at all times.

    Q: Can I go in with a motorbike helmet?

    You is not allowed to enter the venue with motorcycle helmets for safety reasons. Check out the Timetable section on our website. At each event you can find out if there are lockers available to store your helmet.

    Q: Can I take in a placard?

    Yes, provided it is no bigger than DIN A-3 and does not contain offensive messages.

    Q: Can I come in with an umbrella?

    Pointed umbrellas are not allowed in. Other types must be deposited in the closet.

    Q: Can I go in with a selfie stick or laser pointer?

    For safety reasons, they are not allowed.

    Q: Can I take food and drink inside?

    Check out the Timetable section on our website. At each event we will tell you about the possibilities of entering with food or drink.

    Q: Can I smoke and/or use an electronic cigarette?

    No. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions imposed by PROCICAT, smoking is not allowed anywhere on site (inside or outside).

    Q: Who can I go to if I have a serious problem?

    Speak to the venue staff and they will help you.

    Q: What should I do if I experience harassment?

    You must notify our staff of any kind of discrimination or harassment and they will help you. Our venues subscribe to the Barcelona City Council “WE WON’T KEEP QUIET” protocol.



    Q: Can minors attend events?

    Check out the Agenda section on our website. In each event we will indicate the applicable regulations for the assistance of minors.


    Q: Do you have tickets for people with reduced mobility?

    Contact the official sales services so that they can sell you tickets for reduced mobility. In any case, if you consult the event in the Agenda section of our website, you will find information on this point for each event. 


    Q: Do you have a medical service?

    Yes, there is a medical team with an ambulance and nursing station at all events. 

    Q: Can I take medication with me?

    Yes, but it must be in its original wrapping and be accompanied with a prescription.

    Q: I am diabetic. Can I have my insulin with me?

    Yes. You must keep it in its box or case and have a medical certificate that certifies you need to use it.

    Q: Is there a cloakroom service?

    See the Timetable section of our website to find specific information about each event.

    Q: Do children pay? From what age?

    See the Timetable section of our website to find specific information about each event.

    Q: Can I take my child’s pushchair in?

    Yes, pushchairs are allowed.

    Q: Is there WiFi?

    Not at the moment but we are working on getting it soon.

    Q: Is there a lost property service?

    If you have lost any items during the event, please contact us via the form. If identification documentation is found, it is sent to the Guàrdia Urbana within a maximum period of 72 hours.

    Q: How can I make a complaint?

    You can make a complaint through the following link:


    Q: Are there restaurant services?

    See the Agenda section of our website to find out about the restaurant offer for each event.


    Q: How can I get to the Fòrum Park?

    Check the section How to get there.

    Q: What time do the doors open before an event?

    Usually between 60 and 90 minutes before, depending on the event. We report the timetables on our website a couple of days before the show.

    Q: Where can I park?

    Parking is available around the Fòrum Park (B:SM). Check out its location here.

    Q: Can I come by bike?

    We have a Bicing parking point at the entrance to the Fòrum Park.