Social commitment


Social commitment

B:SM works with the aim of contributing to the development of Barcelona and improving the quality of life of citizens, generating and offering more open experiences that encourage citizen participation.

In this sense, the Fòrum Park has established as strategic lines of its activity:

  • the compromise with the surroundings and social initiatives
  • the compromise with the environment 
  • the compromise with leisure, culture and sport

Continuing with these values, a series of actions are developed that aim to have a positive impact on the development of society, with special emphasis on the environment closest to the Park, the Besòs district and the Maresme.

activitats aquatiques
Action plan for a return to the surroundings

The Park is working on a Plan for social return to the surroundings that promotes actions and programmes, enhances synergies between different interest groups and encourages the active participation of different groups.

B:SM acts as a promoter and dynamiser of collaboration synergies with entities, associations, companies and citizens who can benefit positively from the activities, either with the cession of spaces to hold events, cession of tickets to specific groups or with direct participation in the events through employment contracts for people at risk of exclusion from the neighbourhood, among other projects.

These are some of the actions that are being developed:

  • Assignment of tickets and special discounts for activities and events in the Park
  • Collection and donation of food and food surplus from events to the social dining room
  • Hiring people at risk of social exclusion and young people in the neighbourhood as staff at events
  • Participation in the Residu 0 neighbourhood project
  • Free surfing and rowing courses 
  • Scholarships for free participation in the Steam project for neighbourhood schools
  • Guided tours of neighbourhood organisations and associations
  • Agreement with UPC students for the transfer of spaces for internships with an electric vehicle.
  • Besòs Maresme Youth Assembly Job Centre
  • Participation of entities with stands in festivals
  • Assignment of space for neighborhood events  
  • Agreement with the Club Patí for the transfer of spaces for sports


These are some of the beneficiary entities and groups:

  • Projecte Impuls Jove
  • Casal Infantil El Vaixell
  • Casal de la Gent Gran Joan Maragall
  • La Pionera
  • Assemblea Jove Besòs Maresme
  • Menjador Solidari Gregal
  • Escola Joaquim Ruyra
  • Associació Festa Major Barri
  • Estiu al Barri
  • Esplai Sant Paulí
  • AVV Maresme
  • Institut Rambla Prim
  • Escola Eduard Marquina
  • UPC Campus Besòs
  • Islamic Community Barri Besòs