El Parc del Fòrum


Parc del Fòrum is a leisure space in Barcelona open to the sea and the public. It is one of the most unique spaces in the post-Olympic Barcelona, both thanks to its value of renovation and modernisation and its definitive opening up to the sea at the northern end of the city.

The space is the legacy left by the unprecedented event that took place in Barcelona in 2004 under the name of the Fòrum Universal de les Cultures, which brought together people from all over the world and contributed to the dialogue on cultural diversity, sustainable development and conditions for peace. 

Nowadays, the central stage of this great meeting place, is a multifunctional venue that has become a place for meetings and relationships, thanks to the uniqueness, versatility and accessibility of its spaces. 

El Parc del Fòrum, with an area of 200,000 m2, includes the spaces of Leonardo da Vinci square, the Afusellats square, Ernest Lluch square, the Gran Esplanada, the Parc dels Auditoris, the Bosc de columnes, the Fòrum Park tents and Placa Fotovoltaica. 

The B:SM Fòrum Division manages and coordinates the Fòrum Park in order to revitalise the space to offer the best experiences to the public, with a wide range of proposals and guaranteeing the highest quality and respect for the environment and the surroundings.

That is why the Parc has an offer of permanent entertainment and leisure activities, with operators who manage spaces dedicated to leisure or linked to the sport, maritime and educational aspects.

In addition, Parc del Fòrum has established itself as the city’s reference space for outdoor events in various fields, such as sports, culture, family, music and education, all of which stimulate the city of Barcelona. 




Strategic lines
  • Commitment to the surroundings and social initiatives
  • Commitment to the environment and sustainability
  • Commitment to leisure, culture and sport
Strategic approaches
  • Be a public space of enjoyment for free activity connected with the general public.
  • Ensure the holding of outdoor events with the highest guarantees of quality and safety.
  • Develop activities and events in consensus with different stakeholders and reducing the impact on the environment.
  • Offer experiences for the public with permanent activities linked to culture, leisure and sport.
  • Promote a plan for the social return of the activity to the surroundings by boosting synergies between the different interest groups.
  • Ensure that events are held with policies to reduce energy consumption and waste generation.
  • Ensure that events are held with policies to reduce energy consumption and waste generation.
  • Respond to the city’s strategy for balancing spaces and events held there.
Parc del Fòrum and B:SM

Parc del Fòrum is one of the most emblematic spaces of the city and it is managed by Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (B:SM), a trading company owned by Barcelona City Council. B:SM’s mission is to improve citizens quality of life, creating positive experiences for building a healthy and leading Barcelona. Its management model rests on four cornerstones: providing added-value services for the city and its resides; putting people at the centre, with a special focus on customers and developing talent; continuous improvement and permanent adaptation, putting special emphasis on digitalisation and innovation; and economic and environmental sustainability, invariably seeking a balance between economic and social return from investments. B:SM is a benchmark and pioneering in the field of mobility, culture and leisure and looking after public spaces in Barcelona.




Parc del Fòrum has a wide and varied range of events for all ages. National and international music festivals, such as Primavera Sound or Festival Cruïlla, DGTL, Brunch or Soundit, among many others, and cultural festivals, such as the Fira d’Abril de Catalunya. It is home to renowned sporting events such as Extreme Barcelona and solidarity races, such as the Cancer Race and the Correblau. The Fòrum Park is also the venue for national and international circuses of reference such as the Cirque du Soleil. 


There are different permanent leisure and sports activities that expand the offer of the space:  the Vertical Urban Forest, the Océanos Diving School, the Bluesalt Rowing and Surfing School, the SUPerando Water Activities School, the Port Sailing School and the new Nike Play New space.


Parc del Fòrum is part of the urban redevelopment of the coastal front of the Besòs, located at the mouth of the river called the Camp de la Bota. The Camp de la Bota was an old neighbourhood of huts, now gone, on the edge of Sant Adrià de Besòs with the Barcelona's district of Sant Martí, located near the military barracks of Camp de la Bota Castle and beside the neighbourhood of Pequín, where Park del Fòrum iis currently located.  

The huts that formed the neighbourhood were erected by families who came to Barcelona in order to find work in the surroundings of the 1929 International Exhibition. During the Civil War, and above all post-war, Camp de la Bota was the place where 1,734 prisoners of war were executed.

On 24th of February 2019, the Parapet of the Executed 1939-1952 was inaugurated, a mural that remembers the people who were executed during the Franco regime, whose names are written on the mural. It is a project by the artist Francesc Abad at the time of the 80th anniversary of the entry of Franco’s troops in Barcelona.